PIT cycle fee


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The Primary I-Group Training (PIT) cycle is a ten week programme designed to equip you with enough tools to run your own ongoing integration group (I-group) for as long as you like.

Some of South African brothers are now in their 8th year of regular I group membership and it can be both healing and fun.

The PIT cycle usually starts within 2-3 weeks of the completion of an NWTA weekend.  If you missed out on the PIT cycle after your weekend, you are welcome to join in any other PIT cycle.

After your 10 – 12 week programme you can continue as an independent group or look for an existing I-group to join.

For brothers who do not live near Cape Town or Johannesburg, or who would find it difficult to attend a 10-week training period, there is a ‘condensed’ version of the PIT training which may be run from time-to-time.  This Intensive PIT training is usually compressed into a single weekend.  Whilst this does not offer the man the same experience as the full cycle – it does provide him with the tools to join an established I-group.

Contact the I-group Coordinators in your region for more details of the next PIT cycle or Intensive.